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ORCHID - Optically Responsive Common Human Interface Device

Visual gesture and object recognition as an input device

Project work (I6) im SS 2011

Definition of the project:

Since its invention in 1963, the mouse is the most well-known tool to interact with a computer. Recent advances, e.g. in image processing, allow much more natural interaction interfaces. Commercial systems as Nintendo's Wii or Sonys PS3, show how this may be used to interact with the help of gestures in a natural way.

Beispiel The aim of this project is to develop a natural input interface, based on gestures. With its help a mouse replacement should be created, allowing interaction by usual pointing gestures. The recognition of gestures is to be done with the help of a stereo camera system (e.g. two webcams mounted on the monitor).

Through the use of cameras new control concepts, which go beyond the mere "point and click", are feasible. Thus, for example, an audio player will automatically start when the user holds a CD in front of the camera. Or in a paint program one could either draw or erase, depending on whether the user holds a pen or eraser in the hand while pointing to the screen. Thus, new ideas should be developed and tested in the project work.

The project is part of the Triokulus project and performed in close cooperation with the FORTecH GmbH. The company FORTecH can provide gesture recognition software, software for object recognition is already available within in Triokulus project. Both can be used in the project work. Moreover, the software is to be developed in C/C++ using the OpenCV library.

5.11.2020 - Michael Schäferling